Meet Our Team

  • Dr.
    Scott Stevenson

    Dr. Scott Stevenson originally joined the TIVS team as an Externship Student and that evolved into him becoming one of our veterinarians and eventually he took over ownership of the clinic from Dr. Willows. Scott is originally from Barrie, Ontario, but fell in love with the Gananoque area while investigating blacklegged ticks and Lyme disease in the Thousand Islands during veterinary school. He carries this passion with him today, regularly speaking to veterinarians and clinic staff across Ontario about expanding tick populations and the increasing threat of tick-borne illnesses to both pets and humans. Scott’s goal is to be the person that all current and new clients of TIVS seek out to answer all questions related to ticks in eastern Ontario!

    Scott was first inspired to pursue veterinary medicine when his family dog, Katie, a cocker spaniel, experienced a gall bladder rupture and spent time at the Ontario Veterinary College’s teaching hospital. He was fascinated by how the veterinary team was able to improve Katie’s health while also strengthening the bond his family had with both Katie and the veterinary team.

    He has a special interest in emerging technologies, particularly in how new technology can help build a stronger relationship between the veterinary team and the patient’s family. He considers himself incredibly lucky to have spent time working with LifeLearn in Guelph, Ontario, training Sofie - the first cognitive computing solution in veterinary medicine, powered by IBM Watson.

    Scott lives with his wife, Lisa, their sons James, Everett and Tyler and their cat, Raven. In his spare time, Scott enjoys playing golf, and is looking forward to once again competing in provincial amateur championships and local invitational tournaments. He also enjoys back country camping and canoeing, hiking, playing hockey and snowboarding.

  • Dr. Michael Brown

    Dr. Michael Brown joined TIVS in the spring of 2018 and is excited to develop relationships with pets and their families in the Thousand Islands. 

    He tries to ensure every pet has a positive experience and every visit is low stress when coming to the clinic. Dentistry is an area he focuses on, both treatment as well as preventive care as we see how much this can impact a pet's health and happiness. He also tries to pay special attention to senior pets and to discuss strategies to keep them as comfortable and healthy as possible. 

    Growing up in a home with pets, he has always seen the bond that pets have in a family. At a young age, one of his family cats, Jack, was diagnosed with diabetes and he took an active role in helping to manage his diabetes. Even from a young age, his direction was always towards veterinary medicine. 

    Before coming to Gan, he spent the previous 2 years in Winnipeg but is excited to be closer to family after he and his wife Samantha had their first son, Malcolm. They can often be seen exploring the area with and taking Malcolm swimming. They share their home with their 3 cats: Eddie, Stanley and Link and his Border Collie, Joy. He also enjoys playing soccer and eagerly awaits the next Marvel movie.

  • Dr.
    Monika Janssen

    Dr. Monika Janssen joined us in November of 2020 and is a 2013 graduate from Guelph’s Ontario Veterinary College. She was actually classmates and surgery partners with Dr. Stevenson in school! She and her husband have a 2 year old daughter named Evelyn and a 7 year old Akita named Kuma. Monika loves all pets and aspects of being a Veterinarian, but she has particular interest in dermatology, ultrasonography and small mammal medicine (bunnies, and pocket pets).

    In her spare time Monika loves hiking, beach volleyball, camping, cuddling puppies and kittens and collecting books that she may or may not find the time to read!

    You’ll often find Monika on the floor giving love to her patients before and after their exams. Her enthusiasm, sense of humour and her genuine care and compassion for all animals have made her popular with our patients, clients and staff alike! 

  • Dr.
    Brian Willows

    Dr. Brian Willows graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 1979. His 40 year career has been spent almost entirely in mixed animal practice in Gananoque. Raised on a nearby dairy farm, he has had a keen interest in both domestic animals and family pets. He considers himself to be very lucky to have been able to spend his career in Gananoque. He loves this area and feels so blessed to have been able to be a part of the farming community for so long, while also getting to provide quality medicine and care to this area's pets and the people who count them as family, throughout the majority of his career.

    Over the years he has always challenged himself with the latest techniques and procedures of the day and continues to do so now that he can focus entirely on the small animal only side of practice. In recent years he has taken additional courses and training in otology, dermatology, dentistry, surgery, radiology and ultrasonography to name a few. He most recently has completed the course and has been performing the “Tightrope” technique for surgical repair of Cranial Cruciate Ligament (CCL) ruptures, with great success! Dr. Willows values continuing education as a top priority. He has had a long and diverse career and his goal has always been to strive to learn more and to be able to provide up to date and quality medicine for his patients.

    Dr. Willows has mainly retired after reaching 40 official years in practice, but we are still very lucky to have him at the clinic once in awhile. 

    He and his wife Judy currently reside on the north shore of lower Beverly Lake, near Delta, Ontario with their golden retriever, Karma. They are certain that their cat, Sally Anne considers them to be her slaves and she does a fine job of keeping them in their places. In their free time they enjoy nearly every outdoor activity one can do from the front door of their home. Together they enjoy canoeing, swimming, fishing, hiking, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, or simply relaxing on their front porch. They also enjoy a day of golf or downhill skiing with friends. They like their good ole country music! Their favourite pastime though, whether sitting around a campfire or their dining room table is entertaining family and friends! They have worked together in the veterinary field since shortly after they were married in 1976. They have raised two beautiful and talented children, Andrew and Kimberley. Andrew has 2 little girls; Adele and Evelyn. Brian and Judy have fully embraced their roles as grandparents, taking every opportunity to spend time with their grandchildren and they spoil them like grandparents should!

  • Tracy
    Registered Veterinary Technologist & Hospital Manager

    Tracy graduated from the Veterinary Technology program at St. Lawrence College in 1998 and has worked as a Registered Veterinary Technologist at TIVS ever since. Tracy also taught part-time in the Veterinary Technology program at St. Lawrence College in Kingston for more than 10 years.

    At TIVS, Tracy’s special interests are anesthesia, pain control, reproduction, behaviour and the human-animal bond. Tracy is a member of the Society of Veterinary Behavior Technicians. She also recently became certified as a Pet Bereavement Specialist. Tracy has been a long time employee of Thousand Islands Veterinary Services and she attributes that to feeling like the staff is a big family that works together to provide the best care and veterinary experience to our patients and their families. Customer service and client relations are very important to Tracy. She is very happy to be the clinic Hospital Manager to be able to work with our staff and clients to make your experience at TIVS, the best it can be!

    Tracy grew up on a dairy farm and her family had beef cattle and horses as well. Tracy and her husband Shawn live on a hobby farm in Elgin. They have a small flock of Katahdin sheep. Tracy also breeds Border Collies and she jokes that she got the sheep to keep the dogs happy and employed! Tracy lives with her Border Collies: Freya, Ember, Cara, Luna, Picard and Faith. She is well aware that she is on the verge of becoming a ‘Crazy Dog Lady’! Tracy’s cats Giles, Bizzaro, Solo & Yoda are perhaps the most spoiled barn cats ever!

    Outside of work Tracy enjoys spending time with her dogs outside, reading, spending time with her awesome nephews and helping out on the family dairy farm.

  • Marissa
    Registered Veterinary Technologist

    Marissa graduated from St. Lawrence College in 2021. She chose this career because she liked the versatility that comes with it, as well as the many challenges that veterinary medicine provides. Marissa is a ray of sunshine and nothing makes her happier than providing care to your pets!

    Marissa shares her life with Dudley the Bearded Dragon, Lady Bird (who Marissa refers to as a 'Muscle Mutt'), Leah and Sophia Loren who are both Domestic short haired kitties and Kahlua, a dignified seal point Himalayan kitty. As you can tell, Marissa does not discriminate and loves all critters equally.

    The areas of veterinary medicine that are Marissa's favourites are dentistry, gut health and surgery/anesthesia. That said, she is quick to tell you that she's excited to learn more about all areas of clinical medicine. As long as she gets to snuggle all of the patients, she's truly happy!

    In her free time Marissa enjoys reading, and hiking/running with her girl Lady Bird.

  • Jeanie
    Registered Veterinary Technologist

    Jeanie started with TIVS in April 2019. She graduated from St. Lawrence College's Veterinary Technology program in 2000. 

    Around the clinic you will often see Jeanie in appointment rooms helping out the doctors and getting histories from you about your pets. She also helps out the rest of the team with surgeries and keeping the day to day stuff done so that we can give the best service that we can. She says that her favourite part of her job is talking with people who have a great relationship with their pet. She loves really getting to know our clients and our patients. Her bubbly personality makes her great at this!

    Outside of work you will find Jeanie spending time with her 4 boys: Brandon, Sam, Adam & Dylan and her husband Jesse. She seems to spend most of her time ferrying the boys back and forth between activities!  Sitting down with them at night to hear them share their stories of what they were up to that day, is the highlight of her day. She also has 2 beloved Border Collies: Ziggy & Marley, as well as 3 cats: Leo, Bella & Lucyfur. She also loves gardening and each year her flower and vegetable gardens get bigger and bigger! And if she ever has time, she likes to draw too.

  • Emma
    Registered Veterinary Technologist

    Emma is the most recent Vet Tech to join our team and her enthusiasm, compassion and sense of humour have helped her to fit right in! Emma grew up in Kingston. She completed her BA at Dalhousie University with a double major in Environmental Science and Sustainability in Society. She found herself missing home and wanting to switch career paths and she found her way to the Veterinary Technology program at St. Lawrence College in Kingston. She graduated in 2020 and came to work with us as a Registered Veterinary Technologist in the Fall of the same year.

    Emma’s special veterinary interests are emergency medicine and laboratory work. She says that she could look through a microscope all day long! Emma also loves working with senior pets.

    In 2016 Emma adopted her cats Sushi and Tallulah. In 2020 she foster failed her newest addition, Jasnah. Jasnah is a senior kitty and she has been a big part of why Emma loves caring for our senior patients so much.

    Her hobbies include cooking (but she says that she loves eating even more), playing video games and picking out stylish attire for her cat! 


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  • "I would like to thank 1000 Island Vet Services for the excellent service we have received when we bring our animals to your clinic. They take the time with our animals and show their care and explain everything to us. Everyone is so friendly which means so much, not only to us, but to our animals too. Great idea of now having evening appointments.
    Thank you!"
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